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How Our Diet Contributes to Diseases of Mind and Body

Presenter/Facilitator: Dr. William Walsh

Saturday, March 14, 2020 10 AM to Noon

The cost of medical care is horrendous and becoming more unmanageable as our population ages. This is not inevitable. Food AllergiesOur diet is a major cause of the diseases that we suffer. Changing what we eat and drink allows us to slow the onset and even recover from these diseases, significantly reducing the cost of medical care for us and for our society. And allowing us to live healthy and productive lives to a much older age.

Our presenter, Dr. William Walsh, medical doctor and board-certified allergist, is recovering from obesity and from Alzheimer’s dementia. He will identify the offending foods and beverages and tell you how they damage us. He will be focusing on the diseases of mind and body caused by our diet including obesity, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, depression, dementia which all have good experimental evidence that they have a connection to our diet.

Dr. Walsh will tell you how he protects himself from these crippling, malicious diseases.

Finding the Sacred/Divine in Everyone

A Panel Presentation/Discussion

Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 10 AM to Noon

     As we journey through life, we can come to a Journey to the Divingplace of realizing all is Sacred/Divine. It may depend on how we grew up and how we are influenced by what happens in our lives. Our panel will share their journeys in recognizing the Sacred/Divine in All of Life. Come to hear their stories and discuss The Journey to the Sacred/Divine.

The team of panelists:

     Pamela Marko was ordained as a Minister of Healing in 2007. She has been teaching and providing healing and reading services for 14 years. She is trained in many types of healing techniques and shares them in classes she teaches and services she provides. Pamela believes it is important to have tools that help change the patterns in our lives that no longer serve us. She has recently become the Minister at Spirit United Interfaith Church.

     Sarah Patton became a certified Spiritual Director in 2019, after graduating from Christos Center for Spiritual Formation. Upon her commissioning, she retired from financial services to step into serving others through holy listening. Being listened to by another without judgment is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. Asking questions opens the way to wrestle with questions and see the movement of God in their life. Her entire life experience prepared her for this holy journey.

     Dan Ritchie has taught literature at Bethel University since 1985, in courses that have included Vergil, Shakespeare, Austen, James Baldwin, C.S. Lewis, and contemporary Muslim writers. In 2002, he helped develop Bethel’s Humanities Program —– ‘a great books, great works of art’ sequence of four courses. Dan’s wife, Judie, is an ordained Presbyterian pastor, and they attend Hope Presbyterian Church in Richfield.

     Karen Greer has been weaving her life/career transition coaching into an end-of-life focus for the past five years. Through a series of events, she realized that her ministerial work in the death and dying realm was her next chapter. She is a minister at Memorial Services, and consults on funeral planning and eulogies. She teaches classes on “Facing our Mortality” and “Grieving All Our Losses”.

     Come and help us make the world a better place.

The Equality of Women and Men: Current Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter/Facilitator: Nanette Missaghi

Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020 10 AM to Noon


Humanity continues to experience Female male balancethe imbalance of men and women living and working together where their strengths are not fully realized for the benefit of all. Come and discuss the current challenges and opportunities for growth.

Our presenter, Nanette Missaghi, is an anthropologist who works as the director of equity and inclusion at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She is a contributing columnist for the Eden Prairie News, Spiritually Speaking column.

Science vs. Religion, can we find the truth?

Presenter/Facilitator: Karen Dahlgren

Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019 10 AM to Noon

Throughout the last century there has been a conflict Science vs Religionbetween science and religion. We will look at various religions’ views of truth, and the scientific method of reaching truth. We will then see where the bridges can exist to make truth one.

Our presenter, Karen Dahlgren, is a medical doctor, community volunteer, mother and generally curious person.

Ancient Toltec Wisdom Still Offers Good Advice

Presenter/Facilitator: Rosemary Ritchie

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019 10 AM to Noon

Several thousand years ago, among indigenous peoples in southern Mexico, there arose a society of sages and shamans called the Toltec. Toltec WisdomThese women and men explored and preserved the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones, often in secret to safeguard themselves and the teachings. Their esoteric wisdom has survived and is still available and still relevant today.

One Toltec teacher, don Miguel Ruiz, shares this wisdom in a small book, The Four Agreements, which offers a simple code of conduct, useful to people of all ages and cultures. At the November 9 meeting, we will explore these four “agreements,” which are really tips for living with the energy of love, not fear. Hint: the four tips start with self-love and require life-long practice.

The presenter, Rosemary Ritchie, is a founder of MAGNT, a former organization development specialist, editor and teacher with a deep interest is personal and spiritual growth.

Using our extraordinary mind functions to create a better world

Presenter/Facilitator: Phyllis Fleischauer

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 10 AM to Noon

     Your mind is the gateway to Universal Consciousness. From full “present moment” awareness through mindfulness to Universal awareness and back again–an amazing natural skill we were born with. Re-learning this pathway enables you to create a better world—for yourself, for others in your immediate environment, and for the planet. You’ll learn to observe your mind from a “removed distance”, embrace each feature, and grow your self appreciation while expanding your appreciation of others. Fun exercises help you study your “mindscape”.

Mind tools for creating your better world include:

  • Creativity – Access your deeper, wider capacity for creativity to use for personal and environmental problem-solving.
  • Empathy – Attune to your own feelings so you can better recognize the feelings of others.
  • Intuition – Learn to identify intuitive “messages” that help guide your day-to-day happenings and impact your relationships with others.
  • Deep Listening – Experience listening to another by being fully present, releasing our usual assumptions without trying to control or judge the content, and absorbing with precision.

Explore more mind tools and techniques for:

  • Understanding the benefits of living “the focused life”.
  • Shifting from one belief to another.
  • Locating, identifying, and reinforcing valid mind components like zeal, joy, love, and awe.
  • Experimenting with techniques to extend each of your five senses

     Phyllis Fleischauer is principle of IN-EX Mindfulness Communications. For over 30 years she has helped clients discover the mind’s capacity for attention, focus, and exploration that increases self-awareness, communications, and mindfulness practices. Her interactive workshops give participants “permission” to explore their own minds and appreciate the unique features.

     Phyllis grew up in a metaphysical home understanding the spiritual/physical dichotomy of existence. Her degrees in mass communications, secondary education, and speech/drama expanded her philosophical approach to human and spiritual communication. Her first book, The ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook, will be published later this year.

     For more information about Phyllis’ work: www.inexcommunications.com

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