Minnesota Chapter of The Association for Global New Thought

How we can use our extraordinary minds to better our lives

Presenter/Facilitator: Phyllis Fleischauer

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 10 AM to Noon

     Your mind is the gateway to Universal Consciousness. From full “present moment” awareness through mindfulness to Universal awareness and back again is the natural path we were born with. Re-learn this amazing function. Fun exercises help you explore your “mindscape”. You’ll learn to observe your mind from a “removed distance”, embrace each feature you discover, and grow your self appreciation while expanding your appreciation of others.

Get acquainted with your mind to learn:

  • How your thoughts ‘create’ your life.
  • Which of your favorite ‘mind talents’ you use every day.
  • How understanding your mind helps you choose beneficial thoughts, instincts and reactions.
  • How to increase the flow of intuition, empathy, self-love, and other positives to your mind.
  • How is your mind different/the same as others’ minds?
  • Why your mind is sometimes a jumble of thoughts and, at other times, simple and smooth.
  • Is it possible to observe your mind without making judgments about the thoughts?

     Phyllis Fleischauer is principle of IN-EX Mindfulness Communications. For over 30 years she has helped clients discover the mind’s capacity for attention, focus, and exploration that increases self-awareness, communications, and mindfulness practices. Her interactive workshops give participants “permission” to explore their own minds and appreciate the unique features.

     Phyllis grew up in a metaphysical home understanding the spiritual/physical dichotomy of existence. Her degrees in mass communications, secondary education, and speech/drama expanded her philosophical approach to human and spiritual communication. Her first book, The ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook, will be published later this year.

     For more information about Phyllis’ work: www.inexcommunications.com

Does Humanity Have a Future?

A presentation by author Paul Hanley.

Friday, July 26, 2019 – 7 PM

United Nations projections show global population reaching 11 billion—and the world economy growing by 500%—by the end of this century. But can the planet accommodate more than 3 billion additional people and a five-fold economic expansion when humanity’s current ecological footprint already exceeds Earth’s biocapacity by 60%? Clearly, humanity has to change direction. Yet every facet of our social-economic-political order—indeed the totality of the dominant global culture—programs us to maintain the status quo: perpetual material growth. Hanley argues that solving this conundrum will require an ethical revolution that will wholly transform humankind, reshaping its inner life and external conditions.

This process will result in the emergence of a new culture, a new agriculture, and ultimately a new human race. This is neither a utopian vision, nor even a matter of choice. It is the next, inescapable stage in human evolution. Examples, such as the pioneering work of Richard St. Barbe Baker, the “Man of the Trees”, show how ground breaking efforts by individuals, communities, and institutions are already advancing this evolutionary shift.

Paul Hanley has published five books and 1600 articles on the environment, sustainable development, agriculture, and other topics. He is editor and co-author of Earthcare: Ecological Agriculture in Saskatchewan (1980) and The Spirit of Agriculture (2005). He was environment columnist with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix from 1989 to 2016. Paul is a recipient of the Canadian Environment Award, the Meewasin Conservation Award, the Organic Connections Pioneer Organic Communicator Award, and the Saskatchewan Sustainability Award from the Regional Centre of Excellence for Education on Sustainable Development. His book ELEVEN (2014) received the 2015 University of Saskatchewan President’s Award for Non-fiction and the 2015 ABS North America Award for Distinguished Scholarship. Paul’s biography Man of the Trees: Richard St. Barbe Baker, the First Global Conservationist (University of Regina Press 2018), features a foreword by HRH Prince Charles and introduction by Jane Goodall. It has been shortlisted for three Saskatchewan Book Awards.

For more information: www.manofthetrees.com and www.elevenbillionpeople.com.

Polarization in Today’s World: What Can We Do?

Presenters/Facilitators: Bill & Jean Harley

Saturday May 11, 2019 – 10 AM to noon

   Decisions, large and small, determine the course and quality of life—for an individual, a Polarizationcouple, a family, an organization, a community, a country, and the world. Today, we are experiencing a decision-making crisis. Increasing complexities in life and polarizing deliberation practices are outpacing our problem-solving and decision-making resources. As a result, polarization, partisanship, fragmentation and stagnation expand in spaces where we need unity, robust solutions and rapid progress. In this session, Bill Harley, a life coach/consultant, and Jean Harley, a psychotherapist, will introduce, explain and demonstrate a revolutionary, transformative decision-making process that:

  • Engages the whole human being—spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally;
  • Improves relationships at all levels;
  • Calls forth latent qualities & capacities in its practitioners;
  • Fosters true consideration & penetration of diverse thoughts;
  • Dramatically deepens understanding;
  • Yields creative, robust decisions that rise above partisan & ideological bickering;
  • And results in justice & unity.

   Join us to learn and take away valuable new deliberation concepts and skills that you can immediately apply with yourself, partner, family, neighborhood, community, and workplace. The format includes presentation, demonstrations, and small and large group discussion.

   About the Presenters

     Bill and Jean Harley are the principals of Harley Consulting & Coaching, a Minneapolis-based human and organization development firm providing coaching, counseling, consultation, education, and group facilitation services to release human and organizational potential in service to others. Jean is a Psychologist and Bill is an organization development consultant and a Certified Personal & Professional Coach. They work with individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations and communities to accelerate growth and facilitate unity of purpose.

     They are the co-authors of two books: TRANSFORMED: How to Make the Decisions That Change Your Life and Now That I’m Here, What Should I Be Doing? Bill and Jean have been married for 50 years and have two adult daughters and sons-in-law plus three grandchildren.

Talking to People with Opposing Views

Presenter/Facilitator: Nicole Ektnitphong

Saturday April 13, 2019 – 10 AM to noon

   Ah, those tough conversations with family,strong friends, neighbors, and workmates with whom you have Face to Facedifferences on crucial issues! With the current mood of U.S. society so divisive, these differences can loom large in our hearts and result in active discord or uncomfortable silences.

   Join us to look into some of the exploration underway in creating constructive discourse and corresponding actions. Nicole Ektnitphong, one of mn350.org’s passionate organizers, will share helpful insights from a national research project investigating effective ways to activate people to get involved in climate change.

   Nicole will talk about generative ways to discuss differences with others and, drawing from personal experience, focus on talking across race lines. We’ll hear about your successes in these kinds of endeavors and break into small groups to practice some of the suggestions and role-play some challenging conversations.

    Nicole Ektnitphong served as the NicoleDeep Canvass Director at MN350 and is a social justice movement trainer and community organizer with roots in Thailand and Laos. She combines participant-centered education, body-based wisdom, and experience as an organizer. Nicole’s community organizing work includes youth of color in her hometown of Worthington, MN, the Divestment Student Network, the broader climate justice movement, Tamales y Bicicletas, Asians for Black Lives, Voices for Racial Justice, and Training for Change.

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