Minnesota Chapter of The Association for Global New Thought

Talking to People with Opposing Views

Presenter/Facilitator: Nicole Ektnitphong

Saturday April 13, 2019 – 10 AM to noon

   Ah, those tough conversations with family,strong friends, neighbors, and workmates with whom you have Face to Facedifferences on crucial issues! With the current mood of U.S. society so divisive, these differences can loom large in our hearts and result in active discord or uncomfortable silences.

   Join us to look into some of the exploration underway in creating constructive discourse and corresponding actions. Nicole Ektnitphong, one of mn350.org’s passionate organizers, will share helpful insights from a national research project investigating effective ways to activate people to get involved in climate change.

   Nicole will talk about generative ways to discuss differences with others and, drawing from personal experience, focus on talking across race lines. We’ll hear about your successes in these kinds of endeavors and break into small groups to practice some of the suggestions and role-play some challenging conversations.

    Nicole Ektnitphong served as the NicoleDeep Canvass Director at MN350 and is a social justice movement trainer and community organizer with roots in Thailand and Laos. She combines participant-centered education, body-based wisdom, and experience as an organizer. Nicole’s community organizing work includes youth of color in her hometown of Worthington, MN, the Divestment Student Network, the broader climate justice movement, Tamales y Bicicletas, Asians for Black Lives, Voices for Racial Justice, and Training for Change.

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