Minnesota Chapter of The Association for Global New Thought

How we can use our extraordinary minds to better our lives

Presenter/Facilitator: Phyllis Fleischauer

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 10 AM to Noon

     Your mind is the gateway to Universal Consciousness. From full “present moment” awareness through mindfulness to Universal awareness and back again is the natural path we were born with. Re-learn this amazing function. Fun exercises help you explore your “mindscape”. You’ll learn to observe your mind from a “removed distance”, embrace each feature you discover, and grow your self appreciation while expanding your appreciation of others.

Get acquainted with your mind to learn:

  • How your thoughts ‘create’ your life.
  • Which of your favorite ‘mind talents’ you use every day.
  • How understanding your mind helps you choose beneficial thoughts, instincts and reactions.
  • How to increase the flow of intuition, empathy, self-love, and other positives to your mind.
  • How is your mind different/the same as others’ minds?
  • Why your mind is sometimes a jumble of thoughts and, at other times, simple and smooth.
  • Is it possible to observe your mind without making judgments about the thoughts?

     Phyllis Fleischauer is principle of IN-EX Mindfulness Communications. For over 30 years she has helped clients discover the mind’s capacity for attention, focus, and exploration that increases self-awareness, communications, and mindfulness practices. Her interactive workshops give participants “permission” to explore their own minds and appreciate the unique features.

     Phyllis grew up in a metaphysical home understanding the spiritual/physical dichotomy of existence. Her degrees in mass communications, secondary education, and speech/drama expanded her philosophical approach to human and spiritual communication. Her first book, The ABC’s of Mindfulness Workbook, will be published later this year.

     For more information about Phyllis’ work: www.inexcommunications.com

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