Minnesota Chapter of The Association for Global New Thought

What is MAGNT

We support the vision of AGNT: The Association for Global New Thought

The Association for Global New Thought’s vision of planetary transformation is based on the conviction that there are universal spiritual truths which represent the emerging spiritual paradigm for the new millennium. The principles of universal spirituality are a statement of this paradigm and the essence of New Thought. They reflect the core teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

MAGNT’s purpose is to inspire people to clarify their vision of an awakened world and take action in support of their vision. To do that we offer activities that engage mind, body and spirit to expand consciousness. We envision a world of awakened consciousness and believe that universal spiritual principles offer tools for building this world.

Here is MAGNT’s vision, stated in the present tense:  MAGNT is a powerful catalyst for evolving consciousness in Minnesota. We (MAGNT) inspire, inform and empower people to create an awakened world.

The word catalyst means that we continue to see MAGNT encouraging individuals to find their own path for making our planet better for all. We provide stimulating ideas but do not promote specific social or political actions. Evolving consciousness means growing in awareness and spiritual maturity. An awakened world is one in which a large number of individuals have awakened, evolved or become enlightened, so that an enlightened perspective governs all collective and individual activity.

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