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2006-2007 Meetings

Monthly topics and the person primarily responsible are listed below with a link to each month's invitation and summary as they are created.

MAGNT Planning Meeting Notes

June 10, 2006

A MAGNT planning session was held at Unity South on June 10, 2006, and the focal point was structuring the monthly meetings for MAGNT sessions resuming September 9, after recessing for the summer. Rev. Nancy Herrick opened and closed the planning session with an exercise centered on building community.

Joy Goff asked us to re-visit the past MAGNT meetings and share what motivated us to attend the sessions. Individuals shared that they particularly liked that they were not “lectured to” and appreciated sharing insights and giving their feedback and comments. Everyone appreciated practical ways to apply what was presented.

Treasurer, Mary Schultze, said MAGNT had a balance of $1,224.11.  She mentioned that the moneys came from past sponsored events, tithing from some local churches, and initial dues.  Several individuals wanted to know how they might contribute to MAGNT, and a motion was made and seconded, to mail out invitations for attendees to contribute to MAGNT, if they so wished. Except for specially, sponsored events, all MAGNT meetings are free. Unity South Church has also allowed us to use their facilities without charge since the inception of MAGNT in 2000, and a motion was made and seconded to contribute $200 to Unity South Church in appreciation of their support.

A Review of MAGNT’s vision and mission was next presented by Joy: “MAGNT is a powerful catalyst for evolving consciousness in Minnesota. We [MAGNT] inspire, inform, and empower people to create an awakened world.” MAGNT’s purpose is: “To inspire people to clarify their vision of an awakened world and take action in support of their vision. To do that we offer activities that engage mind, body, and spirit to expand consciousness. We envision a world of awakened consciousness and believe that Universal Spiritual principles offer tools for building this world.”     

Rosemary Ritchie and Mary Schultze lead the discussion that explored what topics might be appropriate for our next nine meetings, and who would take primary responsibility for each month’s program. After considering topics, and the mission of MAGNT, the following theme will be incorporated and celebrated at each monthly gathering: “How do we live and manifest an awakened consciousness?” Then we created the schedule that is enclosed above.

Bill Schmidt, developer of the MAGNT website agreed to forward the monthly topics before each Saturday presentation.

After a discussion about how we communicate about MAGNT, it was decided to have a brief meeting after the September meeting to discuss placing an ad in The Edge.

Many thanks to all who attended the planning session and our monthly presentations.

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