MAGNT - Minnesota - Association of Global New Thought

2007-2008 Meetings

Monthly topics and the person primarily responsible are listed below which will be linked to each month's invitation and summary as they are created.




Sept. 2007

Conscious Evolution, Our Story

Sharon Sebring
Patrick King

Oct. 2007

Dance & Movement -

Rocking our Souls

Jane Johnson
Ira Gordon

Nov. 2007

Dream Discovery using Healing Collage

Sheila Asato
Bill Schmidt

Dec. 2007

Living from the Heart

Nancy Grayson
Joy Goff

Jan. 2008

Can we stop pretending?

Masks and identity

Ira Gordon

Feb. 2008

Being True to Oneself

Linda Bardes
Nancy Herrick

Mar. 2008

12 Theories of Evolution

Rosemarie Ritchie
Bill Schmidt

Apr. 2008

A Hundred Years of Psycho-therapy, and we're worse

David Gordon
Ira Gordon

May 2008

Diverse Beliefs

Rosemarie Studer
Jane Johnson

MAGNT Planning Meeting Notes

June 3, 2007

Those present were Linda Bardes, Joyce Goff, Ira Gordon, Nancy Grayson, Paul Jacobs, Jane Johnson, Rosemary Ritchie, Sharon Sebring, Bill Schmidt, Regina Schmidt, Mary Schultze and Rose Marie Studer.

Bill Schmidt opened the meeting with a review of the agenda and Paul Jacobs shared a reading from Thomas Troward.

The purpose of the meeting was to

  • review what worked well the past year
  • review and update the MAGNT vision
  • discuss the layout for a MAGNT brochure
  • agree on topics and responsibilities for the coming year

Rosemary Ritchie led a review of what worked well the past year. A summary of comments from the discussion is attached, along with the schedule of events from last year.

Linda Bardes led a discussion about the MAGNT vision statement. After much discussion it was agreed that a separate meeting will be held to review and update the MAGNT vision. This meeting is scheduled June 30th from 9:30 to 1:30 at the same location. Linda Bardes will lead the visioning process.

The discussion and layout of the MAGNT brochure was deferred until after revision of the MAGNT vision.

Mary Schultze led an effective brainstorming process that resulted in the preliminary program schedule which follows. It is also included in the attachments, along with preliminary material developed during the brainstorming session.

In addition to the monthly sessions there is interest in having a “major” MAGNT event, possibly as a fund raiser, that could include Gina Citoli and Tou Ger Xiong, aka Hmong Boy and possibly others. Joyce Goff, Rose Marie Struder and Bill Schmidt will follow up on this and make recommendations. Others interested in participating in preliminary discussion contact one of the three.

Many thanks to all who attended the planning session and our monthly presentations.

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